Friday, December 9, 2011

Handmade Alpaca Knit Hand Warmers

This was my new project for Christmas presents. These hand warmers were hand knit and crocheted with 100% Alpaca yarn! It is so soft!

Jump for simple instructions to make these hand warmers.

Instructions for making knit hand warmers:

1. First cast on 40-50 stitches, depending on the circumference of your hand. I just took a piece of yarn, wrapped it around the largest part of my hand, and cast on as many stitches to match the circumference.

2. Knit 13 rows of alternating knit and purl.

3. Knit 31 rows of alternating 4 purl and 1 knit.

4. Knit 6 rows of alternating knit and purl.

5. Cast off and use a crochet hook to sew the sides and make a tube, but leave a hole for the thumb.

6. Crochet around the hole to make a tube for the thumb.

Thus project took me about three days of working on it on and off for a few hours each day. Now I'm going to make some white ones!

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