Monday, January 13, 2014

How-To: A Tutorial on How to Make Felt Flower Plumeria Bobby Pins

I know it's Winter, but I keep dreaming about Summer and an island vacation. Here is a tutorial on how to make a plumeria flower bobby pin out of felt!

Skill Level: Medium. You need to know very basic sewing.

You will need:
  1. scissors
  2. white felt (I prefer to use wool or wool blend, it just looks and feels nicer than polyester)
  3. two bobby pins
  4. needle
  5. thread
  6. light pink powdered blush
  7. dark or hot pink powdered blush
  8. yellow or gold powdered eyeshadow (If you are a super fancy artist, you can use your artist powdered pigments instead)
  9. a small and large eyeshadow brush
  10. hairspray
  11. industrial adhesive (I use E-6000. I love this stuff, it is really strong, you don't have to worry about your flowers falling off. Hot glue can also probably be used, but I think the flowers might fall off since it is not that strong.)
  12. Newspaper or scrap paper
These are all things you probably have just laying around the house!

Let's make a plumeria blossom!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tutorial on How to Make Simple Bows out of Felt, Foam, or Leather

I made a new tutorial on how to make a simple felt bow for barrettes or for attaching to anything you like. It is for sale for only $2.99 in my Etsy shop: Bow Tutorial .

Here is a snapshot of what the tutorial looks like. It comes in a printable PDF file. It is 18 pages with 33 color photographs!

Changes for the New Year

I plan on making a small little hair accessory collection using these vintage millinery raspberries I bought that were made in West Germany!

I'm back!

I haven't updated this thing in so long, I plan on re-vamping my blog.

Here are some changes that I have been making:

(1) A "How-To" section, where I will post free tutorials and instructions for a variety of crafts, mostly my specialty of course, so lots of hair accessories and leather flowers. I hope to post a tutorial a week. The first tutorial will be on felt flowers. I plan on making tutorials on leather flowers, beading, making bows, and also making hair accessories out of that old pantyhose you have laying around!

(2) I've updated my shop, and also have been adding a lot of new designs to my Etsy shop:

(3) I am hoping to write a craft book on making hair accessories, so a project I've been working on is making detailed, professional tutorials for sale with lots of photographs and diagrams. I thought that since I want to write a book, I mind as well start small, with the hope that all of my tutorials can eventually be made in to a hardbound collection for sale in bookstores! 

I hope to make this blog a new exciting resource for hair accessory crafts!

Stay tuned!